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Drinks - Boathouse Restaurant & Marina Deck

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  • Boathouse's Specialty Drinks

  • VooDoo Bucket

    Cruzan Pineapple, Banana, Raspberry, and Coconut Rums Mixed With Pineapple, Orange, and Cranberry Juices Served In A Bucket

  • Mandarin Seabreeze

    Absolut Mandarin Vodka With Grapefruit Juice And Cranberry Juice

  • Boathouse Mojito

    10 Cane Rum With House Made Simple Syrup, Muddled Lime And Mint Leaves

  • Voo Doo Bucket

    Cruzan Pineapple, Raspberry, Banana & Coconut Rums Mixed With Pineapple, Orange & Cranberry Juices And Served In A Bucket For Two

  • Boathouse Bloody Mary

    Absolute Peppar With Ocean Spray Bloody Mary Mix And Garnished With A Celery Stalk And Lime
    Available Spicy Also!!!

  • Rum Runner

    Bacardi Light Rum, Blackberry Brandy & Banana Liqueur With Pineapple & Orange Juices & A Splash of Grenadine

  • Golden Grand Margarita

    Jose Cuervo Tequila And Grand Marnier orange Liqueur With Lemon & Lime Juices

  • Blue Hawaiian

    Absolut Vodka, Cruzan Coconut Rum & Blue Curacao Mixed With Pineapple Juice

  • Frozen Tropical Drinks

  • Daiquiris

    Strawberry - Banana - Mango

  • Margaritas

    Original - Strawberry - Mango

  • Milky Way

    Van Gogh Caramel Vodka & Dark Creme De Cacao With TROPICS Ice Cream, Whipped Cream & Chocolate Syrup

  • Orange Creamsicle

    Cruzan Vanilla Rum & Creme De Cacao With TROPICS Ice Cream & OJ

  • Coladas

    Strawberry - Pina - Mango - Banana - Melon - Kahlua

  • Butterfinger

    Butterscotch Schnapps & Dark Creme De Cacao With TROPICS Ice Cream

  • Mango Madness

    Cruzan Mango Rum With TROPICS Mango & Grenadine

  • Flying Monkey

    Cruzan Banana Rum & Butterscotch Schnapps With TROPICS Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup

  • Flavored Martinis

  • Sour Apple

    Absolut Vodka & Sour Apple Pucker

  • What A Pear

    Absolute Pear Vodka & Peach Schnapps With Sour Mix & Cranberry Juice

  • Upside-Down Pineapple Cake

    Stoli Vanil Vodka With Pineapple Juice & Grenadine

  • Grey Cosmo

    Grey Goose Vodka & Triple Sec With A Splash Of Cranberry & Lime Juices

  • Watermelon

    Absolut Vodka & Watermelon Pucker

  • Key Lime

    Stoli Vanil Vodka And Melon Liqueur With Lime Juice

  • Chocolate Martini

    Stoli Vanil Vodka & Godiva Dark Liqueur With TROPICS Ice Cream & Served In A Chocolate-Swirled Glass

  • Non - Alcoholic Beverages & Fruit Smoothies

    7-UP * RC Cola * Diet RC Cola * Ginger Ale * Lemonade * Raspberry Iced Tea * Voss Water * Pellergrino Sparkling Water * Hot Tea * Coffee * Unsweetened Iced * Tea

    Smoothies - Strawberry * Banana * Mango * Pina Colado

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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